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Don’t know what to do if a tree on your property is in bad shape? Look no further; the skilled staff at RTS Arborists LLC can help you determine if a plant can be saved or if a tree or stump removal is necessary. We would love to save every tree there is, but unfortunately, there are some trees that could risk your safety and that of the people around you. Contact us today if you are looking for a risk assessment or tree removal services in Port Hueneme, CA, or surrounding areas, and we’ll do our part to help you protect your family or business.

How to Know if Your Tree Is Damaged Beyond Repair? 

Our Tree Cutting Service Protects Your Home!

We understand that removing a tree is a last resort because of how badly it affects the environment. But it’s a job that needs to be done if it’s threatening your neighbors, your home, or your business. We use specialized tree cutting tools that ensure everyone’s safety.

Here are some circumstances where you might need tree removal services:

  • Storm damage
  • Bug infestation
  • Root defects
  • Hollow trees 
  • Sudden leaning

Let Us Cut Down Your Tree

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Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with tree and stump grinding solutions. We offer the best prices and tree removal services in Port Hueneme, CA. Call us today at (805) 236-0690 to speak with a professional and receive a free estimate. We have emergency tree removal and stump grinding services available!


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