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Enhance your landscape’s appearance by taking proper care of your trees. At RTS Arborists LLC, we combine years of experience with the latest techniques to safely and efficiently keep your trees in good shape. We pride ourselves in the quality and safety that we bring to the table when handling all forms of tree care for our residential and commercial clients in Oxnard, CA. We’ve been ensuring outstanding results in the area for several years. Rest assured that we’ll handle all your requests promptly and safely.

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More than aesthetics, taking care of your trees is a matter of safety. If a branch is weak or the tree is leaning towards your property, it can become a dangerous hazard. Our team knows that a tree downed by a storm can be too dangerous; that’s why we offer our emergency service to remove your tree as soon as possible. Our priority is your satisfaction, so we work with diligence, safety, and integrity. Protect your family and property. Call our team now!

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Are you ready to transform your landscape? Do you need to remove a dangerous tree from your Oxnard, CA property? Then, reach out to our specialists to get the job done right the first time. Our arborist knows the ins and outs of tree care and is more than happy to help you. When you request our services, you can rest assured that our team will handle any tree service responsibly and with utmost care.


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