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Give proper care to your trees! Whether you need trimming or removal, we’re your best choice. At RTS Arborists LLC, we offer a comprehensive tree service near Newbury Park, CA. Rely on our experienced arborists your tree needs with utmost care. We’ve been ensuring outstanding results in the area for several years. Our priority is your satisfaction, so we work with diligence, safety, and integrity.

Comprehensive Tree Services

Prevent Dangerous Hazards

More than aesthetics, taking care of your trees is a matter of safety. If a branch is weak or the tree is leaning towards your property, it can become a dangerous hazard. Reach out to our specialists to get the job done right the first time.

We’re qualified and trained to perform:
  • Tree Trimming: Keep your trees healthy and growing in the right direction with our professional tree trimming services.
  • Tree Removal: If your trees are in the way of a new remodeling project or they’ve become a liability, we’ve got you covered! Allow our team to perform a safe removal.
  • Emergency Tree Services: If your home was struck by a storm and your trees are blocking the way, don’t hesitate to call us! Even in the middle of the night, we’re your trusted ally!

Team Up With Our Arborists

Keep Your Trees in Pristine Condition

Need a thorough tree service near Newbury Park, CA? We’re your best choice! Our arborist knows the ins and outs of tree care and is more than happy to help you. Rest assured that we’ll handle all your requests promptly and safely. Call us now to learn more!

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We’ll help you with a variety of tree services to beautify your garden or improve your safety.

Tree Services

If you have a tree damaged beyond repair, we’ll be there to help you with our tree removal services.

Tree Removal

Having a tree-related emergency? Contact us and we’ll take care of it anytime and anywhere.

Emergency Services

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